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Best Of California Golden Blogs - 2009

As we discussed last week when we looked at 2008, we're updating some of the more general posts around these parts.  We hadn't updated our Best Of since 2009, so that was a definite priority.  This is all the best posts from the year 2009 by both the CGB mods and also the amazing readers who come by this here site.  We've selected posts that were popular and also intelligent. 

You will be able to see the listing on this permanent page.  After the jump, you'll be able to see the text of the page.  You might just find a post you wrote there!  2009 was a great year with an exciting, but challenging football season and basketball's return to the post-season.  Hope you guys enjoy these posts.  If you have any posts that you think should be a part of the Best Of series, do not hesitate to either email us or post them in the comments.  GO BEARS!

Here we have all the 2009 action for the California Golden Blogs at SBN.  Our first basketball season.  Great times!


Football Analysis

Looking Back At USC:  Predictable Playcalling?

Best, Bears Add Consistency To Their Running Game

Why Does Cal Use The Screen Pass?

Coach Tedford:  The Playcaller (Part 1 and 2)

Understanding Cal's Gold Rush Defense




Reveling In Big Game Victory

More Big Game Postgame Photos

Remembering Zack Follett

Discussion Of Play Calling on Final ASU Drive

Big Game Pranks

Discussion Of Play Calling At End Of Big Game

Epic 4th Quarter Big Game Open Thread

Miracle At Memorial:  Oregon 1993

A Total College Football Reorganization

The Toughest Places To Play Out West

Remember Nate Longshore

The 25th Anniversary Of The Play

The Year I Rooted For USC

Marathon At Memorial - Arizona 1996

Meditations On The 12th Game

Women's Huddle Roundtable




With Cal Dance Team Member

With Jeff Tedford

With Rod "BoomTho" Benson

With The California Marching Band Drum Major

With A Cannoneer (Parts 1 and 2)

With The Stanford Tree

With Dennis Gates

With Michael Silver

With Tyler Frederickson



Basketball is simply awesome

Holy Balls Wow!

Jamal Boykin Art Gallery Show (Parts 1 and 2)

Looking For Honest Employment

The More Things Change...

Cal Bears Arizona - In Basketball!

Welcome To The Kiki Awards

The Cal Bears Don't Depend On The Three Point Shot

The Pac10 Basketball Tournament

Cal v. Maryland:  What Went Wrong




Concrete Canoe National Champions!

Salary Comparisons in the UC System

The Artistic Excellence Of The California Marching Band

The Fetal Position:  A How To

Mark Bingham In The CGB Hall Of Fame

Should Athletics Be Self-Sustainable?


I Paid For Nine Innings; The Last Three Were Free!

Should The Pac10 Get Better TV Deals?


Hope you enjoyed these posts.  GO BEARS!