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Cal Baseball Not Reinstated......Yet.

Not Great News:

Cal baseball was not reinstated on Friday after Chancellor Robert Birgeneau told supporters of the program they still needed to raise another $1 million to reach his target of $10 million.

"I wish it was an April Fool's joke," Doug Nickle, one of the Save Cal Baseball organizers, posted on Facebook. "Unfortunately it doesn't seem to matter what month it is."

A campus spokesman said there would be no announcement about the fate of the 119-year-old baseball program until at least Tuesday.

However, I am confused.  The drop dead deadline was supposed to be yesterday, because the schedules for the 2012 Pac-12 baseball season needed to be supposedly done by today or some such thing.  Yet the article seems to state that it's not over yet:

On Friday morning, supporters were told they needed to close the gap to $10 million.

So, it doesn't look like the door is closed.  Hopefully, we'll have a clearer picture soon.

UPDATE: Ryan Gorcey of Rivals has more.

Committee chair Stu Gordon confirmed to BearTerritory that the number is approximately $900,000, and that the events of today were not so much a setback as a minor delay.

"The Chancellor needs us to raise some more money before he reinstates baseball," Gordon said. "It's more of a delay, but hopefully a delay that doesn't last much more than two weeks."


Pac-10 officials said that the deadline for member institutions to declare their slate of intercollegiate sports to the conference for the 2012 season is August 1, but Gordon and the program's supporters hope it does not take that long.

"That's not as bad as it could be," Gordon said. "But, we're really talking about trying to get it done in the next two weeks."