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CGB Hall Of Fame: 2011 Nominations Thread

Who else will join Aaron Rodgers in the CGB Hall Of Fame?
Who else will join Aaron Rodgers in the CGB Hall Of Fame?

Love it or hate it, our 2010 CGB Hall of Fame brackets are going to get rolling soon.  Judging from last year's bracket, where scientist Glenn Seaborg shocked all the pundits (even Jay Bilas!) by gaining entry, people are all about the CGB Hall Of Fame.  Or we don't have much to talk about during the off-season! 

Plus this is fun. FUN!

We'll run it similar to last year where it'll be almost entirely weekend faceoffs with maybe a few exceptions here and there, like when some Cal event is going on (i.e. Spring Practice, maybe baseball or rugby). It might be a little shorter but spread out a bit longer, just so everyone doesn't get mad at us for not working enough or talking about bigger issues. But we hope it'll be just as fun nominating, voting, and discussing this year as it was last year.

For those who want a look back,

Inaugural class of 2009: Mark Bingham (who received and deserved his own post of individual merit), Tony Gonzalez, Jack Clark, Jeff Tedford, Leon Powe, Zack Follett, Marshawn Lynch, Natalie Coughlin, Joe Roth, Jason Kidd and Chuck Muncie.

Class Of 2010.  The Play Players; Alex Mack; Aaron Rodgers; and, of course, the one, the only Glenn Seaborg

Who will be the new names to join them this year? Make your nominations in the comments, but not before re-reading the guidelines.

Guidelines are about the same as last year. Revisit the nominations thread from last year to get an idea of what we're looking for in terms of good nomination posts.

(1) In terms of athletes, seniors or past graduates only. Jorge Gutierrez and Keenan Allen will all get their turns in the future. In terms of coaches, five year cut-off.  Mike Montgomery still needs a few more years to be even considered, bless his golf-happy heart though.

2) Nominations only for people you've watched in person. We decided that all-time would just be a replication of Cal's Athletic Hall of Fame, and a little too museum-ish. We want this to be about how the readers feel about particular athletes, and how their experiences with them shaped their Cal fandom. 

3) Obviously, football (and basketball) players will dominate this section, but we'd like to have at least a few athletes from the other sports.  We'd love to highlight Cal athletes who didn't get much of the limelight when they were playing here.

4) The bracket will be either 48.  We did 64 the first year, but that was the first year. We're doing 48.

5) We'll incorporate those comments in our writeups for the bracket matchups. If a player has already been mentioned, rec it again and reply to that comment thread and add your thoughts on that athlete, and we'll be sure to feature the best thoughts throughout.

You can nominate multiple athletes, but please use different posts. For why, see (6).

6) We will determine seeding by the number of recs a player gets in his nomination post in this thread. The more recs an athlete gets in the comments, the higher his seed will be. So if  Nate Longshore gets 7 recs and no one else gets higher, he'll get the #1 overall seed.  Of course, if Kevin Riley gets more recs than Nate Longshore, we'll still put Longshore first.  BECAUSE THAT'S HOW WE ROLL! If there are ties in the number of recs, we'll probably just go in alphabetical order, so rec your favorite athletes vicariously!

If we have less than 48), they'll all qualify for the tourney and we'll have some bye system in place. If we have more, we'll eliminate athletes with zero recs in some sort of fashion.  We reserve all rights to seed as we see fit based upon the recommendations of you, the readers.

7) We will induct the Final Four and two wildcards. The wildcard possibilities will come from the twelve other qualifiers in the Sweet 16, i.e. anyone who qualifies for the second round but doesn't make the Final 4.

8) Please write explanations about why you're nominating Player X. They will be included in the official bracket matchup posts, as you can see by visiting the posts for last year's Hall of Fame nominees.

9) Oh yeah. Don't nominate people already in the Hall of Fame. Well, I mean, you can. But you're wasting your recs!!!

We'll announce the bracket soon.  So, nominate, explain, and rec the best that Cal Athletics has had to offer over our lifetimes! GO BEARS!

And please stop requesting that the world renowned Meme Hall Of Fame continue.  It's done.  It had its run.  Now, we have this Tournament.  So, enjoy it!