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Evening Pac-10 Tourney Open Thread: Cal Women vs. UW + Men's Play-In Action

God I love that whale!
God I love that whale!

Both men and women open up their respective Pac-10 tournaments today, and the Cal women will be taking part.  Here's a quick rundown of tonight's action:

6:00 pm PST
#8 Stanford vs. #9 Oregon St.
Rooting interests:  Oregon St., because Stanford is evil and I think OSU is more likely to pull the upset over Arizona

Tentatively 7:15 pm PST, depending upon when early games finish
#6 Cal Women vs. #7 Washington
Radio: KKGN 960
Stream: Youtube Stream will go live at tip.  Click the 'live' button to watch!
Rooting Interest:  REVENGE!

8:30 pm PST
#7 Oregon vs. #10 Arizona St.
Rooting Interest:  Uh . . . [crickets]