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Cal Football To Wear White Helmets In Away Game


So apparently this look that commenter Akbarty scooped is going to happen. UniWatchBlog has more.

Kyle Mackie, who attends Cal, says he’s spoken with one of the team’s players: "He told me that it’s gonna be worn at an away game, so we can likely expect the Storm Trooper look. Cal opens the season with a game against Fresno State at a neutral site, Candlestick Park, in San Francisco. The player told me that if Cal is designated the away team, expect the white helmets to open the season; otherwise they would be held for a later road game. He also mentioned that at this point it’s a one-time thing only."

So this is the latest experimentation with our apparel. Cal has generally been pretty conservative with its jersey selections as late as 2005. Then in 2006 we debuted the gold jerseys for home night games, in 2007 we showcased the Joe Roth throwbacks, in 2008 we changed our jersey designs altogether for something fresher (even though I didn't really see a problem with the old ones), and proceeded to throw out some ugly iterations of those unis (the banana look, the white pants for home games, the gold pants for road games...).

Then again, none of this is for us; it's whatever pleases the kids these days, I guess. Jerseys aren't a big deal to me, and I generally can handle most of the Cal details (except for yellow shirts and white pants, that can die in a fire). It'll be a little weird seeing that helmet though, since all you have to do is strip off the Cal sticker and you're one step away from a Furd helmet.

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