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California Golden Bears Men's Basketball vs. Stanford Cardinal Gamethread

Time: 4 PM PT/7 PM ET
CSN California
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Markhuri Sanders-Frison is playing his last game at Cal, and he's come a long way. When he first came in to alleviate the loss of Jordan Wilkes and give the Bears quality size, he didn't immediately impress. He struggled with his weight, he had trouble moving laterally, and he had only one go-to move (a baby jumphook). Plus he got into foul trouble nearly every single game thanks to the idiocy of Pac-10 refs.

But this year? Man-beast. MSF has dropped his weight, refined his jump hook, has a reliable mid-range jump shot, his footwork is mightily improved, and he makes better decisions with the ball. Oh, he still ends up on the bench way too much (Pac-10 refs will never evolve the way a Mike Montgomery player will), but you couldn't hope for too much more from the Colonel. He will be missed.

What better way to send him out with a beatdown of the Furd on a Saturday afternoon?