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De'End Parker Decommmits From Cal To UCLA

John Crumpacker has the bizarre news.

Parker, who starred in basketball and football at Lincoln High in San Francisco, decided that it was time to take advantage of an opportunity to live outside the Bay Area.

"Cal did nothing wrong," Parker said.

So, I guess someone had a question about attrition with so many wings and combo guards playing for us the next two years. Looks like Parker solved that issue for us. Took only a week off our lives too.

I guess in terms of playing time, it makes sense. With Tyler Honeycutt and Malcolm Lee likely on their way out for the Bruins, and Allen Crabbe and Jorge Gutierrez locked in to start next season, Parker will have a better shot to play and perhaps start immediately for UCLA. I can't really fault him; at least he made his switch early on rather than come to campus and decide to change ships halfway through. Sometimes kids just change their minds, and it's good for him and for Cal that he made this decision earlier rather than later.

Oh well. With few other guys to choose from for next year, we might just buckle down and save our scholarships for next season. Jeff Powers and Emerson Murray, better step your games up. We'll definitely need you a lot more now.