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Golden Nuggets: Remembering Markhuri Sanders-Frison

Tomorrow's game will be Markhuri Sanders-Frison's last game at Haas (unless the Bears play an NIT game in Berkeley).  His teammates and coaches are going to miss the big guy.

They're going to miss his ability to throw his weight around on the court, deliver unvarnished verbal encouragement in the heat of the moment and make that left-handed jump hook shot that everyone knows is coming but no one can stop.

They'll miss his mile-wide smiles and his fearsome glares. "He can be scary," junior teammate Harper Kamp said.

At 6-foot-7, 265 pounds, there is nothing delicate or subtle about Sanders-Frison, who will play his final scheduled home game Saturday against Stanford. He's a man of big appetites and big dreams.

Asked recently about the Bears' postseason hopes, he provided an almost poetic answer. "We want to aim for the stars and land on the clouds."

At home in Portland, Ore., Sanders-Frison was the second-oldest of eight children and adept at blocking out the competition at the dinner table. "They were very excited when I left," he said, laughing.

But the Bears will miss him.

"He's a ton of fun to play with," Kamp said. "He's very unselfish on the floor, he's a smart player, and he's just tough."

"He's a very good leader, a vocal guy," said junior guard Jorge Gutierrez, a leader of far fewer words.

Sanders-Frison joined the Bears before the 2009-10 season as a transfer from South Plains Junior College in Texas. "He's been a great teammate, and he was from the get-go," coach Mike Montgomery said.

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