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Fantasy Week in Review - The Weekend the Brackets Died

Not pictured: Cal.
Not pictured: Cal.

Quick note: We have an even number of teams in the baseball league now, so I'm inclined to fire up the autodraft machine tonight or tomorrow unless anyone objects.

Group Standings (Top 10 of 139)

Correct Picks
Possible Pts
1 deLIBERALate a7dfdc654466b38acf007bcec093e541 41 of 60 73 89
2 CaliforniaBone Bear Bone 42 of 60 72 72
3 The Golden Knight JustinL 41 of 60 70 70
4 4Ever Golden dallas 39 of 60 69 117
4 NIT Picky Tim 40 of 60 69 69
4 daveman's picks daveman 39 of 60 69 69
7 MSF Angry Face RC 40 of 60 68 68
8 Computer says no... lisa 36 of 60 66 67
8 Rossbear's Bracket rossbear1001 41 of 60 66 66
8 Lincecum Cain Then Pray For Ra David S 40 of 60 66 66

Let's just say it's not entirely surprising that a lot of people have topped out at their potential points.

  • Only three teams have a possible points value of over 100 - 4Ever Golden, Crabbe Dribble, and THE BEST.
  • All three teams have UConn in the title game, along with deLIBERALate. deLIBERALate has the Huskies losing to Kansas, 4Ever Golden having them beat the Kansas State Wildcats (that's a weird one), and Crabbe Dribble and The Best. picking them to beat the Jayhawks.
  • So let's some scenario analysis! This may shock you, but no one had Butler or VCU is the Final Four. So for our purposes, who wins that semifinal game doesn't matter at all.
  • If Butler/VCU win the National Championship beating Kentucky - deLIBERALate would hold on for the victory. The best bracket would jump up to second, but he had the Jayhawks beating the Wildcats in the national championship so he won't get the push he needs to go over deLIBERALate.
  • If Kentucky wins the National Championship - Phoenix Five jumps out of nowhere for the victory, as his was the only bracket to take the Wildcats to win it all.
  • If Connecticut wins the National Championship - 4Ever Golden finishes with 117 points, with Crabbe Dribble and THE BEST registering 106 and 105 points, respectively, to come in second and third.
So what do you think is going to happen? Have at it the comments below.