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NCAA Tournament Elite Eight Sunday Thread

Can they do it?  Can VCU make the Final Four?  Remember when Jay Bilas demanded that Gene Smith, head of the Tournament Committee, commit honor suicide over VCU's inclusion?  Remember the intertubbles exploded with the outrage of a million pajamed men in their mother's basement?

Well, today is the day!  VCU has made it this far, but they have to get past the sole remaining #1 seed, Kansas.  Could VCU ruin Obama's bracket?  Or will Goliath crush David?

The other game today has quite a bit more basketball blue blood in it.  Kentucky takes on UNC to see who advances to the Final Four.  It is going to be an exciting day of basketball.  So, keep it locked here to discuss all the going ons with your fellow CGB readers.  GO BEARS!

Sunday March 27, 2011
Time Away Home National Away TV Home TV
2:20 pm VCU #11 Kansas #1 CBS    
5:05 pm Kentucky #4 North Carolina #2 CBS