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Cal Football 2010 Final Reviews: Lingering Worries

What worries you after 2010?

Avinash: How impatient our donors are with Jeff Tedford--I have no idea if they're considering withdrawing support from the program, but I would imagine after the last two seasons that support isn't improving either. It would be a shame if Tedford finally broke ground on the SAHPC, finally managed to attract the great recruits we've needed for years, had Cal on the verge of breakthrough--only to be handed his walking papers a season or two too prematurely. That is a nightmare scenario that would have me very worried if I were a Cal fan.

TwistNHook: QB.  We haven't had incredible QB play in several years now.  We need that, because we are going to have youth at the RB position for the first time in a while.  Watching Aaron Rodgers at the NFL level makes me sad, because I wish Cal had a QB like that now.  Perhaps one of the 45 available QBs on scholarship will pan out.  I sure hope so.

Kodiak:  On defense, will our nose tackles be up to the challenge?  Guyton and Coleman show plenty of potential at the ends.  But, our D was noticeably diminished when Hill was out and we had to go with Payne/Tipoti.

Considering our lack of depth in the secondary, will we finally find that pass-rushing threat that we've missed since Pain Train left?

On offense, are we going to look like a Tedford-coached team again?  I'd love to go back to agonizing over being too conservative with punting or centering the ball if it means that we can execute competently.

And the biggest worry is still the Oline.  Guilty until proven innocent.  We'll have a new tackle and despite the buzz about how we have talented youngsters waiting in the wings, this remains the biggest monster in my worry closet.  If this unit doesn't improve, it simply won't matter which young signal-caller wins the job.

Berkelium97: Pretty much every aspect.  On offense we'll have a new QB, a new RB, and an O-line under a new coach.  It's not certain that any of these units will improve substantially over last year.  Coach M will work his magic on the O-line, but I'm not sure how soon we'll see results.  They certainly should improve (except RB), but I will have to see it to believe it.  On defense, we have a strong front seven, but they're young.  At DB we have experience, but no depth.  Special teams may improve, but it may continue to frustrate as it has last year.  Basically, there is no guarantee that the team will be better this year than we were last year.  It's likely, but not given.

atomsareenough: Our O-line is the most generalized concern going forward. We've gotten some great recruits on defense, and we've got a lot of guys with potential at the offensive skill positions, but we've been weak on the line for a while now, and I don't really see a big improvement on the horizon.