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NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen Friday Thread

More red hot NCAA action.  Or at least some NCAA action.  We have 4 double digit seeds going tonight.  While yesterday mostly had a smattering of high seeds remaining today, we have the VCUs and Richmonds of the world.  Can these Virginia-based Cinderellas keep the dream alive?

Either VCU or Florida State will be in the Elite Eight!  That much we know is true.  When was the last time Cal made the Elite Eight?  Triple Le Sigh.  A full schedule after the jump.  Leave your thoughts in the comments and GO BEARS!

Time Away Home National Away TV Home TV
7:15 pm Marquette #11 North Carolina #2 CBS    
7:27 pm Richmond #12 Kansas #1 TBS    
9:45 pm Kentucky #4 Ohio St. #1 CBS    
9:57 pm VCU #11 Florida St. #10 TBS