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Golden Nuggets: Isi Sofele's Competition at Running Back is Dwindling

With only five days until spring practice begins, JO previews the battle for running back.  Cal's stable of running backs has been hit by a wave of injuries, leaving the incumbent Sofele with less competition than anticipated.  The fullbacks are all healthy, however, so we should see some good competition for the top spot.

Sofele certainly has the speed to make plays, especially out on the perimeter. And he has good lateral movement so he can make a move inside and get to the outside. The question is whether he can do it enough over the course of an entire game and ultimately a full season.

The Bears have plenty of backs in their program, all of whom came to Cal highly regarded. The problem this spring is most of them aren’t healthy, so Sofele won’t have much competition. The one player who could push Sofele and is healthy is Covaughn DeBoskie-Johnson, who is recovered from a minor knee injury suffered near the end of last season. Sofele beat out DeBoskie-Johnson for the backup job last season, but DeBoskie-Johnson still appears to have the combination of size and athleticism to make him a real candidate for the job.

Dasarte Yarnway will miss  the spring as he recovers from ACL surgery. No recent update on Trajuan Briggs, whose status for the spring has been in doubt because of ankle and back injuries.

Whatever happens this spring, the picture could change in the fall with the arrival of Brendan Bigelow. A dynamic athlete, Tedford believes Bigelow can compete right away as a true freshman. But the question with Bigelow is his health. He tore knee ligaments twice and hasn’t played since his junior year of high school. Will he be healthy, and if he is, will he be the same player?

After the jump JO previews the WR position and Monty talks about preparations for next season.



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