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NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen Thursday Thread

Well, we're slowly making our way towards crowning a championship.  After a crazy weekend that left only 1 Pac-10 and 2 Big East teams standing, we now get to see 4 great games tonight.  Arizona takes on Duke at 6:45 PM PST.  Can Arizona do what Cal failed to do last year and knock off Duke? 

The sole California school remaining, San Diego State, takes on UConn to start off the day.  There is a full schedule after the jump.  Leave your thoughts in the comments and tell us just how busted your bracket is!  GO BEARS!

Tournament Schedule
Thursday March 24, 2011
Time Away Home National Away TV Home TV
7:15 pm Connecticut #3 San Diego St. #2 CBS    
7:27 pm BYU #3 Florida #2 TBS    
9:45 pm Arizona #5 Duke #1 CBS    
9:57 pm Butler #8 Wisconsin #4 TBS