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Fantasy Week in Review - Rounds 1-3 of the NCAA Tournament

(EDIT: League signups fixed. If you get an error this time, it's because the league is legitimately full and we'd need to set up another one.)

First things first - it finally occurred to me it might be a good idea to put up a league for CGB fantasy baseball this year.  Why, I might even try and put some effort into it this time since it's not like I'll have any Nets games to watch during the playoffs.

  1. Go here
  2. Use league #170620
  3. Password "gobears"
League is set to autopick right now because I don't have any clue what a good draft time would be, so that's something we can work out with whomever does join.

As for the tourney bracket standings...

1 Fightin' 42s  Jeff 37 of 48 48 172
1 CaliforniaBone  Bear Bone 37 of 48 48 168
1 NOLES  ec0fb71328689ef5097b280303766a25 37 of 48 48 160
1 Toss up  happychappy2222 37 of 48 48 168
5 Crabbe People  slims 36 of 48 47 167
6 The Golden Knight  JustinL 36 of 48 46 158
6 For the Love of Dick Solo  Scootie 36 of 48 46 126
6 thesePicksSuck  tmoran3020 36 of 48 46 170
6 Rossbear's Bracket  rossbear1001 36 of 48 46 110
6 Lincecum Cain Then Pray For Ra  David S 35 of 48 46 158

This was not a year to pick the top seeds to advance through the entire tournament, as I did.  More similarly hard-hitting analysis after the jump.

  • While we have a four way tie for first based on the results to date, Jeff and his Fightin' 42s are in first because his bracket ranks highest in potential points. Who did he pick? Ohio State, North Carolina, Kansas, and Purdue to make the Final Four, with Ohio State beating Kansas in the title game.
  • atomsareenough comes in with the lowest potential points at a total of 54 points. That's incredible, since the next lowest possible points of any bracket is 82. I mean, it looks like a misprint. But then, that's what happens when you have Syracuse beating Notre Dame in the title game, and UNLV and Ohio State joining them in the Final Four.
  • Twist filled out a bracket, which, shockingly is identical to mine.
  • Ohio Bear is currently outdoing CALumbus Bear. Discuss.
  • Mr. Orange of the Phoenix Five isn't doing so hot. Not that you would be either if you'd picked Kentucky over Louisville in a title game that would have been the biggest thing in Kentucky since fried chicken.
  • Championship picks? Of those brackets entered, 45 people picked Ohio State, and 40 picked Kansas. After that it's a steep drop to Duke (11), along with No Pick (come on people!). Then we have 7 brackets that took San Diego State, 5 for Pittsburgh (whoops!), 4 apiece for North Carolina, Texas (boo!), and Notre Dame (whoops again!).  Three for Connecticut and Kemba Walker, atoms had company as he wasn't the only person to take Syracuse, and one each for Louisville and Florida State.