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NCAA Tournament Terrific Thirty-Two Sunday Open Thread

Today is the last of the 4 best days of the entire year!  48 games of basketball in 4 days!  The intensity is unrivaled.  And now it draws to a close.  This is the open thread for all of the days action.

We got some great games today, including two Pac-10 teams.  UW is taking on UNC.  Can they advance?  Arizona is taking on #4 seed Texas.  Should be a barn burner there.  Who are you guys rooting for?  Pac-10 pride?  Or spiteful schadenfreude?  Although if anybody is rooting for Texas at any point ever, you need to get professional psychological help immediately.

3 of the 4 #1 seeds are in action today, so we could see some great upsets today!  Leave your thoughts on all the games in the comments.  GO BEARS!

12:15 pm Washington #7 North Carolina #2 CBS    
2:45 pm Michigan #8 Duke #1 CBS    
5:15 pm George Mason #8 Ohio St. #1 CBS    
6:10 pm Arizona #5 Texas #4 TNT    
7:10 pm VCU #11 Purdue #3 TBS    
7:45 pm Marquette #11 Syracuse #3 truTV    
8:40 pm Illinois #9 Kansas #1 TNT    
9:40 pm Florida St. #10 Notre Dame #2 TBS