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NCAA Tournament Thrifty Thirty-Two Saturday Open Thread

Alright, alright.  Now, things are starting to heat up.  The wheat is slowly being cut from the chaff.  Or is the chaff being cut from the wheat?  My farm-oriented references are clearly lacking.  Either way, we got 8 more games today to see who gets to bask in the warming glow of the Sweet 16's glowing warmth. 

We have UCLA-Florida.  We have Gonzaga-BYU.  Tons of other games from morning to noon to night.  The weather is absolutely dreadful.  So, cuddle up with your favorite cat (if you don't have a cat, you'll have to make do with a throw pillow or laptop set to I Can Haz Cheezburger, which is not as cuddly) and let's do this thing.  GO BEARS!

Saturday March 19, 2011
Time Away Home National Away TV Home TV
12:15 pm West Virginia #5 Kentucky #4 CBS    
2:45 pm UCLA #7 Florida #2 CBS    
5:15 pm Morehead St. #13 Richmond #12 CBS    
6:10 pm Temple #7 San Diego St. #2 TNT    
7:10 pm Butler #8 Pittsburgh #1 TBS    
7:45 pm Gonzaga #11 BYU #3 CBS    
8:40 pm Kansas St. #5 Wisconsin #4 TNT    
9:40 pm Cincinnati #6 Connecticut #3 TBS