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NCAA Tournament Friday Evening Open Thread

We're inching ever closer to the Cal-Colorado game.  To help keep separate things separate use this thread to discuss all the NCAA games going on.  Use the upcoming Cal-Colorado open thread to discuss all things Cal-Colorado.  Otherwise, it'll be a stream of consciousness mess. 

We have a lot of great games tonight going on, so there should be a healthy discussion here.  Hope you guys enjoy all the games and hopefully Cal beats the Buffs.  A full schedule of the evening games after the jump.  GO BEARS!

6:50 pm Boston U. #16 Kansas #1 TBS    
7:15 pm Long Island #15 North Carolina #2 CBS - HD National    
7:20 pm St. Peter's #14 Purdue #3 TNT    
7:27 pm Marquette #11 Xavier #6 truTV    
9:20 pm Illinois #9 UNLV #8 TBS    
9:45 pm Georgia #10 Washington #7 CBS - HD National    
9:50 pm VCU #11 Georgetown #6 TNT    
9:57 pm Indiana St. #14 Syracuse #3 truTV