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NCAA Tournament Friday Day Open Thread

Woo-wee!  Another day of hot NCAA Action.  Is there any other kind?  Of course, today isn't just a day of NCAA action, but also a key Cal game.  Tonight, we have a big matchup against future Pac-12 opponent Colorado out in the Frozen Tundra Of Lambeau Field!  In an unrelated story, we had to cut our fact checking department due to unfortunate budget cuts.

We'll have a lot of posts today regarding the Cal-Colorado game.  Use this thread and the other thread later today to discuss all of the NCAA Tourney action.  Also, congrats to rollonyoubears, NIT Play-In Tourney, thesePickssuck, Ozone Lives, and bball28 for being tied for first place with 14 correct picks after Day 1 in the CGB Bracket Challenge.  Plenty of time left, though!  And I'm right on their heels in 6th.  After the jump, a full schedule.  GO BEARS!

Time Away Home National

12:15 pm Oakland #13 Texas #4 CBS - HD National    
12:40 pm Tennessee #9 Michigan #8 truTV    
1:40 pm Akron #15 Notre Dame #2 TBS    
2:10 pm Villanova #9 George Mason #8 TNT    
2:45 pm Memphis #12 Arizona #5 CBS - HD National    
3:10 pm Hampton #16 Duke #1 truTV    
4:10 pm Florida St. #10 Texas A&M #7 TBS    
4:40 pm UT-San Antonio #16 Ohio St. #1 TNT    

Leave your thoughts on these games in the comments.  GO BEARS!