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NCAA Tournament Thursday Morning/Afternoon Open Thread

Let's get this party started right.  We'll have tons of open threads all day long to discuss all the fantastic action hopefully occurring today.  This shall be our morning thread.

If you want to do anymore reading on the tournament or last minute bracket shuffling, check out Avinash's previews over at SB Nation Bay Area. He only did three up to this point, because he's a lazy bum who can only write 20,000 words on teams he's never watched before.

After the jump, check out all the morning games.  Leave your thoughts in the comments.  GO BEARS!

Tournament Schedule
Thursday March 17, 2011
Time Away Home National Did Avi preview it?
12:15 pm Clemson #12 West Virginia #5 CBS - HD National  Yes  
12:40 pm Old Dominion #9 Butler #8 truTV  Yes  
1:40 pm Morehead St. #13 Louisville #4 TBS  Yes  
2:10 pm Penn St. #10 Temple #7 TNT  Yes  
2:45 pm Princeton #13 Kentucky #4 CBS - HD National  Yes  
3:10 pm UNC-Asheville #16 Pittsburgh #1 truTV  No  
4:10 pm Richmond #12 Vanderbilt #5 TBS  Yes  
4:40 pm Northern Colo. #15 San Diego St. #2 TNT  No  









Enjoy all the games!  We'll have more posts regarding Cal basketball today, but also another open thread for the evening games.