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Cal Beats Ole Miss, Will Face Colorado In Second Round

Man, this team. These gritty, gritty Bears. Markhuri Sanders-Frison out for the season? No sweat, keep on winning.

Allen Crabbe making big shot after big shot. Harper Kamp, looking more and more like a Thriller extra as the game wore on, nailing the tough shots down the stretch.  Richard Solomon playing with a bloody nose and a banged up knee. Brandon Smith and Emerson Murray nailing their open looks, and Bak Bak and Robert Thurman didn't get too embarrassed out there in the minutes they had to eat up.

And of course...

Jor-ge, Jor-ge Jor-ge Jor-ge! Jor-ge! Jor-ge! JOR-GE, JOR-GE JOR-GE JOR-GE! JOR-GE! JOR-GE!

In a way, we caught a snapshot of our future, because all those Bears on the court tonight will be back next year. Hopefully, they can keep it chugging and keep on growing, although their next game will be their fiercest test--a matchup with a PO'ed Colorado Buffaloes squad looking to prove to everyone they should have been in the tournament. The game will be on Friday night at Boulder on ESPNU/

And who knows? It's March. Anything can happen, even in the NIT.