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Golden Nuggets: Reactions to Cal's NIT Bids + NCAA Tournament Play-In Open Thread

Use this as an open thread for the inaugural NCAA tournament play-in game.  Check out a preview of tonight's play-in game featuring Clemson and Alabama-Birmingham.  Go here for a list of start times and television coverage for games on Thursday and Friday (nearly 12 hours of coverage per day).

Neither of our own basketball teams made the NCAAs this year, but both can make some noise in their respective NIT tournaments.  Both teams are pleased with the opportunity, but somewhat disappointed that they did not put together an NCAA-worthy season.  Monty's team was a bit disappointed, as they knew they could have been in the same position as USC.

"I think they see SC made the NCAA tournament and they’re thinking what might have been," he said, alluding to the Bears’ 70-56 loss to USC in the Pac-10 tournament. "But I think they were excited about it."

"You look at teams that didn’t make the (NCAA) tournament and you kind of go `Whoa.’ Virginia Tech . . . and I’m sure Saint Mary’s is just sick," he said. "It’s a good tournament field and a good challenge for us."

Joanne Boyle and the defending WNIT champions expressed the same sentiments.

"There’s disappointment in not going to the NCAAs, but we can make some noise (in the WNIT) and do something about it and maybe repeat," Cal coach Joanne Boyle said. "All you can do is grow through the experince."

After the jump Cal-Fresno State tickets go on sale, we win's best football blog, and NIT matchups are finalized.