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NIT Selection Show Open Thread

Time: 6:00 pm PST
Streams: Post in comments

Have you already picked the perfect bracket to win CGB's Tourney Pick 'em and printed out your SB Nation brackets?  Great, then you're ready for some hot NIT action!  As we discussed in the morning, the Bears are in solid shape to make the field of 32, and probably even grab a home game.  However there are a record breaking 14 automatic bids, leaving 18 spots for non-regular season champs, so there is some room for worry.  In a normal year the Bears would be a shoo-in.  This year?  Well, let's all just cross our fingers.  The show will be airing on ESPNU, which I'm guessing a decent amount of Cal fans don't get.  If we can't find a stream we'll be relying on those with ESPNU for updates!

St. Mary's failure to make the NCAAs make them a likely 1 seed candidate, perhaps as a potential 2nd round opponent for the Bears in the geographically inclined NIT field?  And there's a good chance to see Washington State in the field somewhere.  Boston College, Southern Mississippi and New Mexico are former Cal opponents that could be popping up in the bracket as well.  The Road To Number 69 begins tonight!