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Cal Women's Basketball vs. UCLA - Pac-10 Tourney Gamethread

Time: 2:30 PM PT/5:30 PM ET

Radio: KKGN 960 AM

Audio Stream:
Cal Bears All-Access ($)

After the way the regular season ended few expected the Bears to make it all the way to the semi-finals of the Pac-10 tournament, myself included.  But stalwart defense and 22 points from Layshia Clarendon extended Cal's run another day (and probably clinched an NIT bid, for what that's worth).  It's a tall order for the Bears - facing a top ten team in their home town after two tough games with an 8/9 player rotation doesn't sound like a winning formula.  Cal has lost five straight times to the Bruins, and though the games haven't really been blow outs, there's never been much of a sense that Cal had what it took to win - it's just a bad matchup for Cal.

If the Bears manage to pull the upset they will have beaten every Pac-10 team at least once except for Stanford and . . . Washington St.?  What a weird year.  More importantly, they'll presumably get another shot at Stanford with an NCAA spot on the line.  Dare we dream?  Go Bears!