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Golden Nuggets: The Dream is Alive for Kevin Riley

Kevin Riley showed up--in great shape--at the Cal Pro day with hopes of catching the eyes of some of the scouts.

"I'm just trying to get myself a chance," Riley said. "I've seen these guys throw, and I know I can throw with the best of any of them. I just hope I get an opportunity, and hopefully I can get a little luck and it works out. If you love football, why not give it a chance when I've got a chance."

The biggest task for Riley on Wednesday was to show the 27 NFL scouts that he was indeed completely healthy.

"A lot of guys didn't know that, or the Cal media group didn't do a good job," Riley joked, ribbing the media relations staff on hand a bit. "A lot of (scouts) were surprised to see me out there, but I tested decently well for what happened. I got a vert(ical leap) over 30 (inches) and a decent shuttle and L-drill, which is all cuts on my knee. I could have done a little better, but it worked out."

Riley is keeping all of his options open, whether they be the NFL, CFL, UFL or even the Arena Football League. For Riley, he's happy just as long as he gets to play somewhere.

"If I get a chance, obviously it's every little kid's dream to play in the NFL, so I'll give it a shot," Riley said. "If I don't, then I'll probably try the CFL or something like that. Football's fun, so why not play it? If you've got a chance, take it."

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