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California Golden Bears Men's Basketball vs. Arizona Wildcats Gamethread

Time: 5 PM PT/8 PM ET
TV: CSN California
Radio: KNEW 910 AM
All-Access Audio: Click here, look for the link.
Streams: Post links in comments.

This is probably where Cal hits the wall. They used stone picks against Oregon, then Andy Dufresne's rock hammer against Arizona State, but they're probably all out of tools tonight. The Golden Bears had no answer for Derrick Williams on either side of the floor the last time they played the Wildcats, and I doubt that situation has improved this time around. Cal threw out their zone defense for the first time against Arizona, so I'd guess the Wildcats will have adjusted well enough to have made the necessary counter-adjustments.

Ultimately, a four game winning streak in the middle of the conference season is pretty impressive, but this could very easily be followed with a three game losing streak. So we have to be careful about overrating the accomplishments of our team; what they've done is impressive, but not totally unexpected. We should also avoid ripping into them too much if the minutes for Harper Kamp, Jorge Gutierrez and Allen Crabbe catch up to them and wear them out and get them blown out.

On the other hand, a win puts us a game out of first place in the Pac-10. So despite all that pessimism, win win win win win win!!! GO BEARS!