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Cal Beats Arizona State, Some How, Some Way

What a strange game. Cal could barely shoot the ball for most of the game, hitting eight of their first nine, only to miss 28 of their next 39 shots. Cal missed ten three pointers in a row after making their first two, only to hit their two biggest field goals of the game from downtown. Cal had a five point play that turned a four point deficit into a one point lead, causing an earthquake shift on the win probability meter. The biggest shot came off a botched dribble into traffic with a diving pass into the corner for the dagger three.

Allen Crabbe hit his first shot five minutes into the game; he hit his second shot with 14 seconds left to effectively end the game. Jorge Gutierrez missed shot after shot after shot, and still his toughness couldn't be emphasized enough in keeping the Golden Bears in it when ASU looked like they were ready to pull away (seven rebounds, six assists, two steals, nine made free throws). Brandon Smith was our most consistent outside shooter, nailing some big shots and the huge go-ahead three. Although some more Harper Kamp would've been nice (only four shots against Kyle Cain?), both he and Markhuri Sanders-Frison combined for seven offensive rebounds and nine free throw makes. Cal lived on the line, and it got them the win tonight.

Cal gutted out this one. With all five starters playing 35+ minutes against the worst team, they are also ripe for getting their bodies stomped on by Derrick Williams on Saturday.  Who's ready for another slugfest at Haas?

Big win. But these are some big Bears we've got.

Five questions to ponder.

1. Who is the player of the game? Why?
2. What impressed you the most about tonight's performance by the Golden Bears?
3. The play of the game was _______________.
4. What Cal needs to improve on is _____________.
5. What worries me the most going into the Arizona game is __________ because _____________.