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California Golden Bears Men's Basketball vs. Arizona State Sun Devils Gamethread

Time: 8 PM PT/11 PM ET
TV: FSN HD/CSN California
Radio: KNEW 910 AM / XM 193 / Sirius 214
All-Access Audio: Click here ($)
Streams: Post links in comments

It's heat-check time for Cal. The Oregon Ducks nearly stole a victory from them at Haas Pavilion. Now they have to face lowly Arizona State, who are probably desperate for a victory. Although all signs point toward a rout in favor of the Golden Bears, I'll say it once and say it again--Cal has the capability to win every game they play from here on out, but they can also lose them as well. Nothing is certain. They'll have to play every game like they only have a coin-flip's chance of winning.

It'll be important for Cal to replicate their strategy against Arizona State from their first victory--be patient against the zone defense, work it inside to the bigs, and keep the ball moving. They'll need to make sure their perimeter defense also is strong enough to keep the streaky shooters from getting good looks. Should be an intriguing one.

Go Bears!