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California Golden Bears Men's Basketball at Oregon St. Beavers Gamethread

Time: 3 PM PT/6 PM ET
TV: CSN California
Radio: KNEW 910AM

Cal needs to keep their game up against Oregon St. We played them well last time, but we need to make sure we don't underestimate them this time around. The Beavers will be flush with confidence after beating the Furd earlier this week, and they seem to be more confident with using man to man principles. That could fluster up the Bears if they're not careful, since they tore up the zone in the first meeting.

If Cal wins this game, they'll have a decent chance at finishing in fourth place in the Pac-10. If the team executes well enough, this is a good chance for the bench to make things happen the last two games and give the starters much needed rest before the Pac-10 tournament.