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Golden Nuggets: Cal's Path to the Postseason

With two weeks left in the season, the Bears are anxious to keep playing in the postseason.  While an NCAA tourney bid is a longshot, an NIT bid is within reach.  If the Bears make the NIT, they may host a game.

"Coach says we need to win two out of these next three games," senior Markhuri Sanders-Frison said.

At 14-13, two more regular-season wins would guarantee Cal a winning record. Even with a first-round loss in the Pac-10 tournament, the Bears could do no worse than 16-15, and that would make them eligible for the NIT.

"I just said that if you want to play postseason, you’ve got to win two out of these last three games," Montgomery said. "Our goal is to win all three of them. The reality of it is to play postseason and have a winning record, you’ve got to win two out of three."

Sanders-Frison said he can’t spend any time focusing on the NIT.

"We just want to keep on playing," he said. "We want to aim for the stars and land on the clouds.

"We’d love to be in that March Madness. If it’s the NIT, as long as we’re playing, I think this group of guys will be satisfied with that."

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