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Golden Nuggets: Hip Hip, Jorge!

With his family in town, Jorge put on one of the best performances of his career to give Cal its first home victory over UCLA since 2004.

"It was just about the team tonight," Gutierrez said. "We needed this game. We all played hard together."

Head coach Mike Montgomery praised his humble sparkplug, who eschewed the media room after the game in favor of spending time with his family.

"Jorge was great," Montgomery said. "We've had people have performances against us, and it's good to see us have a performance against somebody else. He's got family here. Jorge doesn't like to speak. He really is shy, but his family is here, and I think he wanted to visit with his family, but there's also a certain amount of not being comfortable in a situation like this, and that's OK with me if he can play like that."

Sophomore point guard Brandon Smith hit two clutch threes -- one with 6:50 left in the second and another with 15 seconds left in overtime - gave all the credit to his off-guard Gutierrez, who's ability to drive the lane and hit his shots opened up the corner.

"Jorge, I mean, wow," Smith gushed. "That's the best game that I've ever seen Jorge play. He played phenomenally tonight. He was just so aggressive and really took us on his back tonight. Guys in the locker room were joking around earlier, watching Youtube video, and these commentators are talking about Marshawn Lynch taking his team on his back, and it's funny, because after that performance tonight, that's really what (Gutierrez) did. He took us on his back."

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