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Cal Football Recruiting Class Of 2011: Special Golden Nuggets Edition

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via <a href=""></a> Puka Lopa with his family on Signing Day. (Photo by Randy Pench)
via Puka Lopa with his family on Signing Day. (Photo by Randy Pench)

A special edition of Cal links focuses solely on the commitments of today's California Golden Bears recruiting class. Just some quick-hitters from today and earlier this season, for those who want to get caught up on the reasons for why the athletes chose Cal. The answers are varied but all quite intriguing, leading you to believe these are a special group of kids who will be known not only for their athletic, but also even some of their academic forays.

Again, you can see all the various writeups we had on each Golden Bear by clicking on the names or faces of the athletes in this article.

  • Ryan Yamamoto of News10 reports that Vei Moala will be Cal's only true nose guard on next year's roster with the departure of Derrick Hill. He will have to work hard to displace Kendrick Payne and Aaron Tipoti at the middle of the physical 3-4 front.
  • Joe Davidson of the Sacramento Bee reports that both the Moala and Lopa families can't wait to tailgate in Berkeley and bring that famed Polynesian cuisine over. Just remember to bring a parking permit, because Berkeley traffic cops believe they are the alpha and the omega.

ervin7oninterview.MP4 (via ghostofbigroy)