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Cal Fans, Meet Your 2011 California Golden Bears Football Recruiting Class

Jeff Tedford and the California Golden Bears have at least 22 new commits ready to suit up for their football team (with possibly a walk-on as well). Click on the photos of each commit to learn more about each player. Associate the faces with the names and take a look at their official Cal Athletics highlight reels after the jump (the photos and names should correspond in the same order--the first name listed will be the first photo displayed here, etc.). Also click on the names for further recruiting information.

Tedford held a press conference at 2:30 PM PT on regarding National Signing Day; it is not expected to be broadcast live, but it should be up online soon thereafter, so watch out for that. For those impatient for video, here are the press conference quotes.

That pretty much concludes our coverage of Cal football recruiting in 2011; analysis of the recruits will be coming soon, but unless something crazy happens we're pretty much done with the big news. Not to worry though recruit-niks; 2012 recruiting coverage will kick off very soon, and trust me, if you thought 2011 was exciting, 2012 has the potential to be better (but we'll save that discussion for later). It's fun to be a Cal fan.

Much thanks goes out to solarise, and I was just happy to assist him along the way.  See you next year!

(Which is this year. So...see you tomorrow.)

ESPNU's take on the recruiting class.

Cal Recruiting 2011 - ESPNU (via PRD74)