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Golden Nuggets: Markhuri Sanders-Frison Does His Best Allen Crabbe Impression

Each loss somehow manages to be more typically 'Cal' than the last.  When we look back at a game where a 5'7" player scored 22 points against us and our starting center nailed two 3s in the final minute, it makes perfect sense.  Not surprisingly, Monty was not too pleased with the effort in the first half.

On the game:

"The first half was ridiculous; we didn't come to play. Whatever the reason, we just didn't come out to compete. USC did; they got physical and we backed off. They are good defensively, and we are playing with different lineups. We challenged Jorge (Gutierrez) at the half, and one guy playing hard got the whole team going. If we had done that the whole game, we wouldn't have been down 11 at the half and it would have been a whole different game."

On his halftime talk:

"The worst thing that can happen is you lose, but at least you can lose playing hard. In the first half, everybody was trying to play one-on-one and not help each other out. Nobody was moving to get open. Nobody was setting screens to get open. "

Of course someone asked MSF about making not one, but two threes in the final minute.

On his first two career three pointers:
"I was taking them because I had to take them. That's about it. I always work on my shot, but that is not my strength so I never do it. I just felt I had to take it with the time left on the clock."

After the jump ESPN talks about the QB battle, several Bears receive NFL Combine invitations, and AT&T Park opens its doors next week to Cal fans.