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Golden Nuggets: Why We Love Cal

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, Ted Miller ran an entertaining post about why Pac-12 football fans love their teams.  Let's take a look at why we love Cal.

Kai from "Bear Territory" writes
: Where else in college football do you get a pristine look of a football game and the most beautiful city on earth all for free? no where but at cal Berkeley. who is the only team playing their 2012 football season in the what has been called the most beautiful baseball stadium? CAL. Cal: the team that hasn't been to the rose bowl since 1959 (longest of the original Pac-10), has the best, most loyal fans. GO BEARS!!!

Cy from San Francisco writes: Oh, Cal. She's smart (see: 66 Nobel Prizes; Alex Mack). She's articulate (see: Aaron Rodgers; Justin Forsett). She's multidimensional (see: students in libraries on game days). She cares (see: history of activism; Scott Fujita). She doesn't take herself too seriously (see: Marshawn Lynch; cynicism and self-deprecation among students and alumni). She doesn't beg for attention (unlike: Mack Brown; University of Oregon football uniforms). She's not dating all the hicks you went to high school with (unlike: 80% acceptance rate at the University of Oregon). Sure, she has her meltdowns (see: 2007 season). Sure, she can be a little secretive (see: closed practices). Sure, she was slightly dishonest with me that one time (see: Oregon, 2010). But: she's unique, and I love her. 

Justin from Berkeley writes: I love CAL football because it isn't stanfurd. The opposite of pure evil is necessarily pure good, right? And there is no questioning that the furd is pure evil, so there can be no doubt that CAL football is pure heavenly bliss sent from the stars above. 

After the jump David Seawright leaves the team to put more time into journalism, Presbyterian rounds out the 2011 football schedule, and Ted Miller has more Valentine's Day themed posts.