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Golden Nuggets: Cal Athletics Cuts To Baseball, Men's Gymnastics Have Been Handled Clumsily

Gary Petersen of the Oakland Tribune has been viewing the Cal athletics struggles from the outside, and he has been less than pleased with the way athletic director Sandy Barbour and chancellor Robert Birgeneau have handled the decisions to cut athletic programs like baseball and men's gymnastics.

What we don't know is how much of this months-long drama was really necessary.

Oh, chancellor Robert Birgeneau and athletic director Sandy Barbour were sufficiently sober-faced on Black Tuesday last September when they announced the cuts. Birgeneau cryptically noted the state's inclination to disinvest in higher education. Barbour bemoaned the shocking amount of cash committed to the college athletics arms race, and invited the world to sing along.


It's difficult to imagine any of this being fun for Cal, or being easily done in any respect. To have seen Birgeneau and Barbour as they made the announcements was to understand you wouldn't want to be in their place.

But from the outside looking in, the process has been handled clumsily. In that vein, here's a prediction:

If only some programs are reinstated -- say, the women's programs for Title IX reasons -- it won't stop the noise. The outcry will continue, if in a slightly different pitch.

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