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Cal Loses To The Frontrunners In Washington

Yeah, yeah, we lost, we lost. Nothing any of us couldn't have foreseen. Once Aziz N'Diaye "accidentally" rammed his knee into the head of Allen Crabbe (concussing him and leaving his status uncertain for Wazzu) and later bodyslammed Emerson Murray for good measure, this game was baked like a cake.

Let's focus on the Washington Huskies, the great hope for the Pac-10 to win a national championship. Sorry, but it's not happening. They're frauds.

You'll look at this game and see a 35 point blowout, a team that's suddenly rediscovered its mojo, a Husky squad that put up 109 points and nailed 17 three pointers. Well, unless Washington decides to play the remainder of their games in Alaska Airlines Arena this season, I can assure you that's not what's happening. These Huskies feed off their home crowd and they get on a roll when they start hitting their shots, and nothing short of the money defense can stop them. Certainly not a Cal team that is about an inch or two short at every position on the floor, and is athletically inferior as well. Don't think this strategy will work in the tournament, although it might be good enough to claim back a wide open Pac-10.

They also pile up the points because they run, run, run. Three point game and 30 on the shot clock? Pull up three. Twenty five point game and 30 on the shot clock? Pull up for another three. Other than some nice plays by Justin Holiday and Isaiah Thomas, I don't really see a team built to win six high-stakes games in March and April. They're built for the Northern Iowa's of the world to take down.

Add in a home court advantage that seems to bias the refs in their favor despite physical play, and you have a team that's unbeatable at home and beatable everywhere else. Washington is fool's gold. Beware them when you're filling out your brackets.

PS: Jeff Powers should play more, and it's not just because I have a fetish for white guy shooters. Scoring is winning.