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CSN Bay Area Reporting That Cal Will Reinstate 5 Cut Sports


The five sports designated for elimination at Cal due to budget cuts will be reinstated, a source close to the situation has told Comcast SportsNet Bay Area. The announcement from the university on the future of baseball, rugby, men's and women's gymnastics' and women's lacrosse could come Thursday, at the latest Friday, according to the source.

We will update this with more information as it becomes available.  Hopefully, CSN Bay Area is correct!  GO BEARS!

Update:  Chron reporting that no decision will be made today, but seemingly for good reasons as Cal is literally attempting to confirm with every person who pledged money.  So, if you pledged any money, expect a call, and get word back to Cal asap!

As it turns out, the decision on the future of four Cal sports slated for termination will not be made today, and that can only be perceived as good news for the teams involved and their fans.

As of Thursday morning, three of four university higher-ups are going through the laborious process of verifying the various significant financial pledges that have been generated by the "Save Cal Sports'' campaign.