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California Golden Bears Men's Basketball @ Washington Huskies Gamethread

Time: 6 PM PST/9 PM EST
TV: FSNW/FCS Pacific
Radio: KNEW 910 AM
All-Access Audio: Click here
Streams: Post links in comments
Thanks to the archaic Pac-10 TV contracts, most of Golden Bear Nation will probably be missing out on the toughest stretch for our Cal basketball team this season up in the Evergreen State. Cal is not expected to win either game; it would be a mini-miracle if they pulled off the split, regardless of how much the Huskies and Cougars are struggling on the court right now. Washington is 11-0 at home; Wazzu 8-2, with their two losses coming by a combined five points.

I don't care how poorly Washington has played as of late. All three games were road contests and Washington just plays way better in Bank of America Arena. Cal does not matchup well with Washington, as was made evidently clear in our first matchup at home. The Bears can hustle and scratch all they want, but they're coming off a triple overtime loss that basically means they've played five halves of intense basketball in 48 hours, and that is a poor recipe for handling the athleticism and up-tempo pace that the Huskies like to run (and a pace that Cal willingly let them run at in their previous contest).

Hopefully the Bears will put up a strong fight in this one and punch them early, because otherwise it'll be tough for Cal to run and gun along with UDub. I'm not optimistic, but I wasn't optimistic about Arizona, and look how that turned out!

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Mike Montgomery has a certain style of coaching that is effective, rugged, and demanding, but ultimately rewarding. Now, after taking Ben Braun's players and coaching them to a Pac-10 championship, Montgomery has made his own stamp on Cal basketball, and it's starting to take shape with the players he recruited. Gabriel Baumgaertner of the Daily Cal reports.

Even though it is his third year on the job, this is Montgomery's team now. His recruits, his gameplan, his project. Every game is a testament that this is a team that has assumed the coach's personality.

"This group works really hard and they are a fun group to coach because they are competitive," says Montgomery "We really haven't given into anybody. We've just got to keep learning what Cal is and what it appeals to, who it appeals to and how to take advantage of it. That's a little bit of a process."

Don't think he's happy with moral victories either, as he made totally clear to Jeff Faraudo after the classic triple overtime loss to Arizona.

"For anybody to come in here and beat us at our place and to say, `Gosh, we played well against them’ . . . nah. I don’t see that," Montgomery said. "I don’t see Arizona as a team we can’t beat. We’re capable of beating anybody if we do the things we can. We’re not bad."