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Golden Nuggets: Paul Wulff Calls Cal The Most Talented Team in the Conference

Fill out a report card for yesterday's game!

In a win very similar to the victory against Utah two weeks ago, Maynard managed the Bears to victory thanks to tremendous production from the running game and defense.  Tedford was obviously pleased.

On the offensive strategy:

"We were trying to mix it up; not be dependent on one part of the game. I thought our offensive line played great; I thought Isi [Sofele] ran really hard. I thought we played really well up front, which kept us out of third and long, and the chains moving. When you can run the football effectively like we did today, the game is very different. We didn't hurt ourselves with penalties. When you run the ball it makes the flow of the game much better. Isi ran it really well today. The guys up front did a great job controlling the line of scrimmage."
On QB Zach Maynard:

"Every game is different, depending on what the defensive gives you. I thought he managed the game really well and managed the offense efficiently. He didn't turn the ball over a lot, which was key coming into this game. I thought he played really well."

Paul Wulff, however, had the most interesting comment of the day:

On the athleticism of Cal:
"They are the best-looking football team that I have seen in this conference, period. [Oregon head coach] Chip Kelly told me he thought they were as well, after we played [Oregon] last week, because he knew we were playing [Cal] this week. They probably have the best talent, top to bottom."

Ponder that one for a moment...(Kelly has to be trolling, right?)

After the jump Will Kapp gets his much-deserved moment in the spotlight and field hockey defeats Stanford to win the NorPac conference title.


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