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Stefan McClure Tears ACL, MCL, Meniscus

The Cal cornerback tweets:

And my MRI said "Torn MCL, ACL, and MENISCUS"

Horrible news. Usually injuries like these take awhile to recover from--I'd guess six to eight months at the least if it was just one of those first two. All three at once could mean the cornerback is out for most of next season. John Breech of CBS Sports says that it'll be at least nine months of recovery, meaning McClure would miss all of spring and fall camp.

If we see McClure ready for action anytime in 2012 I'd be ecstatic. Tedford was really high on McClure, even saying that he could be the best cornerback in his tenure if he fulfilled his potential. Since McClure did play his freshman season, it wouldn't be a surprise if Cal decides to use a medical redshirt to retain three more years of eligiblity.

If there's any silver lining (and there's really none to consider), it's that none of our cornerbacks will be graduating and all of them should be returning to action next season. Marc Anthony will be a senior and Steve Williams will be a junior, and Josh Hill should also be back in action. Kameron Jackson looks like he could slide in for McClure to fill in the two deep until he's ready to go, and Adrian Lee might also be someone to look out for. There's also a lot of young frosh and walk-ons that can fill in if needed until McClure heals up.

Wish Stefan the best on Twitter.