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CGB BLOGPOLL - Top 25 - Week 14

A week after gagging against unranked Iowa State, Oklahoma State is back up to #3, ready to pounce should LSU eat it in the SEC title game. Oh, provided the Cowboys get past Oklahoma this weekend, that is. Further thoughts and justifications after the jump.

Norcalnick: Pretty easy week, really. Just plunge Clemson and Penn St., drop Virginia, Georgia Tech and Notre Dame, and then try to figure out how much to punish Arkansas. I dropped Arkansas down to #9 behind USC, Oregon and Wisconsin but ahead of other 2 loss teams and Virginia Tech.

Berkelium97: I can’t justify putting Virginia Tech in the top-ten. Their resume is too thin, though they finally put together an impressive performance in last week’s 38-0 win over a solid Virginia team.

Norcalnick: I thought about moving Virginia Tech up after a decent win over Virginia. But the SEC's dominance over the ACC on Rivalry Saturday really illustrates how bad the ACC is this season. Sorry, Hokies, your resume is still awful.

Berkelium97: Who’s excited to see an unranked Louisville continue the proud tradition of the Big East's blowout losses in BCS bowls?!

ragnarok: I'm frankly a little amazed that the Big East is still a BCS conference? It's getting to be pretty incredulous.

Norcalnick: furd is still at #3, but if Oklahoma St. beats Oklahoma they will jump ahead.

Berkelium97: Wisconsin (6th) climbed several spots after putting up 45 on an excellent Penn State defense. Poor Wisconsin fans will have to wonder "what could have been" with this season. Their only two losses were on the road and the result of unbelievable last-second plays, while they have manhandled everyone else. I’m surprised Russell Wilson (28TD-3Int, 10.35ypa, 72.7% completion) is not in the Heisman talk.

Norcalnick: Ideally I could have stopped ranking teams at 22. Southern Miss, WVU and Cinci - welcome to my poll! I have a feeling your stay will be short!