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Paul Wulff Fired By Washington State

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And then there were eight.  Paul Wulff was the latest Pac-12 coach to receive his walking papers.  


"I appreciate all that Paul has done for Washington State football," athletic director Bill Moos said in a statement announcing the firing. "He was hired with the objective of rebuilding this program and establishing a solid foundation. For that I thank him."


CougCenter has their write-up and commentary here.  They don't anticipate a new coach being announced any time soon.

"For those wondering, and I know there are many, I do not expect the 2 p.m. press conference to be the time or the place a new coach is announced. In all likelihood, it will be a standard coaching change press conference, with Moos taking questions about what's next and why the decision was made."


Although he only won 9 games in four years, was this a fair deal?  Was Wazzu about to turn the corner and this move is premature?  Is true that Mike Leach might be on his way to Pullman?