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Breaking: Rick Neuheisel To Be Fired After Pac-12 Championship Game

The Neuheisel Era has come to a painful end for UCLA.
The Neuheisel Era has come to a painful end for UCLA.

In a surprise to no one, Rick Neuheisel is on his way out as the head coach of UCLA.  This morning he was told he will not return as the Bruins' coach next season.

Neuheisel said Sunday that winning five conference games and advancing to the Pac-12 championship game should be enough for him to keep his job, even if the Bruins backed in to the conference title game.

"I was told that we need to move the needle and if the needle moved that we would be fine and I'd get to continue along my five years of my five-year contract," Neuheisel said. "We have won five conference games as opposed to three last year. We have won the right to represent the South in the conference championship. We've certainly had some unfortunate evenings where things haven't gone our way, but I think the program is headed in the right direction."

No word yet on possible replacements.