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Thanksgiving Day NFL and College Football Open Thread

This is the picture of awesome.
This is the picture of awesome.

Happy Thanksgiving, CGB.  Here's wishing you a happy day of giving thanks, spending time with loved ones, and enjoying some great food.  

In addition to all of that, Thanksgiving is a traditional day of football.  This is your official CGB open thread for the NFL and college action taking place today.  And there are games worth watching, especially if you have a Cal or Bay Area rooting interest.  

Today's NFL schedule:

  • Packers at Lions (9:30 am PT, FOX):  Though the Lions playing is an annual Thanksgiving tradition, it's not often that the Lions host the headliner game.  But this year (with all due respect to the Har-Bowl), this might be the game of the day.  Aaron Rodgers leads the 10-0 Packers into Detroit, where the Lions seek to ruin Green Bay's quest for perfection.  Unfortunately, we will not see Jahvid Best today, as he is out for the fifth consecutive game after a concussion.  
  • Dolphins at Cowboys (1:15 pm, CBS):  Once considered a frontrunner in the "Suck For Luck" sweepstakes, the Miami Dolphins have won three straight games.  Meanwhile, the Cowboys have also won three straight and are in good position to win the NFC East.  This game looked like a real turkey a few weeks ago -- now, it's worth watching.  
  • 49ers at Ravens (5:20 pm, NFL Network):  This is the long awaited "Har-Bowl" matchup between John Harbaugh's Ravens and brother Jim Harbaugh's 49ers.  This must be a heckuva Thanksgiving for the Harbaugh family.  And putting aside the family affair, it's a big game, too.  The surprising 9-1 49ers can conceivably clinch a playoff spot with a win (if the Seahawks lose on Sunday) and Baltimore wants to stay atop the AFC North.  
As for televised college football, there's only one game:  Texas at Texas A&M (5:00 pm, ESPN), which is also a Thanksgiving day tradition.  But, for the foreseeable future, this could be the final meeting between these two time-honored rivals.  With TAMU headed to the SEC and Texas headed to who knows where, the future of the series is in doubt.   

Enjoy the games and your Thanksgiving.  And save up some energy for Cal vs. ASU on Friday night!  

Also, Cal athletes have something to say!