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Eating the Enemy: Arizona State

One of the few times you might want to go visit Anaheim. From the OC Register:



My first encounter with the Sun Devil came more than a year ago when the 12-ounce burger took me by surprise during a food contest.

Back then, I liked it. But it wasn't love at first bite.

Today, I can't stop thinking about it.


After the first luscious, messy bite, I knew this was it. I suddenly recalled why we singled out this burger. The tempura-style toppings and crispy bacon give the burger a hint of savory heat with every bite. The only thing different about the burger: The Catch tweaked the original recipe slightly, using cheddar cheese instead of Swiss. Looking back at my judging notes, I recall suggesting cheddar over Swiss, so I was pleased.


I think about the Sun Devil often, and can't wait to indulge in it again and again.

Here's to vaguely sexual innuendos! Go Bears, and have a happy Thanksgiving!