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CGB Top 25 - Week 13

Yeah, that's SEC West >>>> everyone else.  This late in the season, we have more than enough results that our ballot should be based on what teams have actually accomplished on the field, rather than how good we think they are, and right now, LSU beat Alabama who beat Arkansas, and nobody else has touched any one of them.  Why did Texas A&M think moving to this division was a good idea, again?

To be fair, the troika of Stanford, USC and Oregon, besides beating each other, have only losses to LSU and Arizona State (back in October, when they were good).  But they're still a clear second tier behind the SEC schools.

Further thoughts and justifications after the jump.

Berkelium97:  Can I give LSU the first and second-place votes?

I am very disappointed in Oklahoma State (4th).  The Cowboys were our one shot at avoiding a national championship repeat and now we’re probably going to see LSU-Alabama again.

Norcalnick:  I struggled between Oklahoma St. and Stanford, but ultimately went with Stanford begrudgingly.  How do you balance a bad loss to Iowa St., but in OT, vs. a good loss vs Oregon that was a blowout?  How each team fares vs. Notre Dame/Oklahoma next week may cause me to switch them again.  The problem with the BCS is that it's pretty easy to make an argument for either team.

Good luck sorting through the 12 teams that have two losses.  I put USC first because holy goodness - a win over Oregon and overtime vs. furd?  Impressive.

Berkelium97:  USC (6th) continues to climb.  If not for that loss to ASU (and, of course, the bowl ban), they might have an outside shot at the title game.

Norcalnick:  I moved Virginia Tech down way lower than most probably have them.  Right now this is their resume:  Georgia Tech.  They have ONE win over a team with a better record than 6-5 right now.  Their schedule is pathetic.  They get rewarded for it no longer!

Berkelium97:  Nick makes a good point about Virginia Tech (15th).  In addition to having an extremely thin resume, they are not all that impressive when you watch them.    Their offense does not get going until the second or third quarter.  I would not be shocked if Virginia (22nd) beats them next week.

Norcalnick:  For pretty much the first time ever the 20-25 spots were pretty easy to fill in.  Sure, Georgia Tech and Virginia aren't great, but there seems to be a pretty clear drop off after #25.  Southern Miss?  A mess of four loss teams?  An actual team from the Big East?  Yeech.