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Cal Athletics Weekly Schedule and CGB Weekly Guide - Week Of 11.20.11

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It has been a long season, my friends.  We now stand at the doorway to the bowl season.  All that lies in the way is a road game against Arizona State.  May we win it!  

I know that it is always frustrating to lose the Big Game.  I was there personally to witness the Stanford fans rush onto the field after the win.  It is a bitter taste.  But let nothing diminish the spirit that the Cal team displayed in Saturday's hard luck loss.  They fought from minute 1 to 60.  Taking the #9 team in the nation to the limit on a terrible field with disastrous reffing is a great display.  Unfortunate that it didn't result in a win.  

There is a lot to be thankful for this week.  Besides the football game on Friday night, Cal has a lot of sporting events going on.  Tomorrow and Tuesday is the Progressive CBE tournament for MBB.  Cal takes on UGA tomorrow night and then has another game on Tuesday.  Also, there is a home game against Denver on Saturday.  

WBB has 3 games in 3 days in a tournament in Hawaii.  One of the games is one that many WBB fans circled on their calendar months ago:  Virginia, new home of former WBB coach Joanne Boyle.  Should definitely be interesting!  

Volleyball takes on Stanford to end the regular season this Friday night.  It is down on the Farm.  May the Golden Bears win again against the Cardinal as they did earlier in the season when the match was played at Haas.  

Here at CGB, we're gonna try to keep up with all of that PLUS our standard football content.  Wrapping up the Big Game and previewing ASU.  It is going to be a packed week and, given that thursday is a huge holiday, we know many of you might not be able to join us.  But we'll still have all the great content you have come to expect.  Plus, open threads for all the HUGE college football games on Thursday and Friday (on top of our standard Saturday open threads).  So, remember that you can escape that creepy uncle and the rest of your annoying family and share the holidays with us.  GO BEARS!

Full Athletics calendar.


Monday, November 21
 Cross Country - NCAA Championships
WhenMon, November 21, 9:30am – 3:30pm
WhereTerre Haute, Ind. (map)
 Men's Basketball v. Georgia
WhenMon, November 21, 7pm – 10pm
WhereKansas City, MO. (map)
Tuesday, November 22
 Men's Basketball - Notre Dame/Missouri - Time - TBA
WhenTuesday, Nov 22, 2011
WhereKansas, Mo. (map)
Friday, November 25
 Men's Water Polo - MPSF Championships
WhenNov 25 – 27, 2011
WhereLos Angeles, CA (map)
 Football @ Arizona State
WhenFri, November 25, 7pm – 10pm
WhereTempe, AZ (map)
 Volleyball @ Stanford
WhenFri, November 25, 7pm – 10pm
WhereStanford, CA (map)
 Women's Basketball @ Hawai'i
WhenFri, November 25, 7pm – 10pm
WhereHonolulu, HI (map)
Saturday, November 26
 Men's Water Polo - MPSF Championships
WhenNov 25 – 27, 2011
WhereLos Angeles, CA (map)
 Men's Basketball v. Denver
WhenSat, November 26, 2pm – 5pm
WhereBerkeley, CA. (map)
 Women's Basketball v. Texas
WhenSat, November 26, 2pm – 5pm
WhereHonolulu, HI (map)
Sunday, November 27
 Men's Water Polo - MPSF Championships
WhenNov 25 – 27, 2011
WhereLos Angeles, CA (map)
 Women's Basketball v. Virginia
WhenSun, November 27, 5pm – 8pm
WhereHonolulu, HI (map)






Week Of 11.20.11


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