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Cal Women's Basketball vs. Sacramento State Gamethread

When: 7:00 pm PT
TV: None
Radio Stream: Cal Bears All Access (Free!)
Video Stream: Cal Bears All Access (Also Free!)

I'll be honest - no in depth previews for this one.  Sac. St. is one of the least successful women's basketball programs in the country.  Frankly, the RPI hit on this game isn't worth what should be the inevitable win.  I'd prefer this game isn't played for that reason.  But it is being played, so here's the skinny.  Last year the Hornets finished the season 4-25.  This year they have already lost to Cal State Fullerton (9-21 last year) by 17 and lost 117-55 to #15 ranked Oklahoma.  Yikes.

So it's a glorified exhibition game.  Just because there's no drama doesn't mean it won't be fun.  It's a chance to watch every player on the team in action for multiple minutes.  Go Bears!