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CGB Top 25 - Week 12

Suck it, 'Furd!  I wish I could justify dropping them out of the Top 10, but at the very least I know I won't be watching them in the National Championship game, so at least that nightmare has been avoided.

Further thoughts and justifications after the jump.

Berkelium97:  Okie State remains in second.  I would love to see an Oklahoma St-Alabama matchup.  It would be the classic "unstoppable force meets immovable object" game. On the other side of the ball, Oklahoma State has an inconsistent defense and Alabama can’t play offense to save their lives.  At this point, I’d give a nod to LSU over Okie St because LSU’s offense is decent.

I seriously hope the national championship game does not end up being a rematch of LSU-Oregon or LSU-Bama.

Norcalnick:  Pretty happy with the top 11.  After that it's a jumbled mess.

The five 2-loss Big-10 teams all get grouped together between 13-17.  Differentiating between their resumes is near impossible so I just ordered them on a whim and personal bias.

Berkelium97: Last week I said Penn State (21st) would drop its final three games: one down, two to go.  They have a great defense but no offense whatsoever.  An Alabama-Penn State bowl would be tortuous to watch.

ragnarok:  I don't even think it'd be that interesting.  Remember, Alabama already won 27-11 at Penn State only a couple months ago.

Norcalnick:  I lowered Houston after looking at their schedule and deciding that most 2 loss major conference teams have accomplished more than they have.  Houston's 'biggest' opponents still wait, so they might be able to move up if they keep obliberating everyone.  But if UCLA at home is still your best win you just don't deserve to move very high.  Luckily for them my opinion doesn't matter, because if they win out they're in the BCS.

ragnarok:  Houston *could* be awesome.  Or they might not be Top-25 caliber -- there's simply nothing on their schedule to tell us one way or another.

Berkelium97:  Cincy drops out of the rankings now that Collaros is injured.  Otherwise, I may have kept them at 25th.

BYU has made a tremendous turnaround on offense this year.  They were abysmal to start the year, but have been averaging over 30 points per game since week 4.  Not enough to join the rankings, though.  Florida State (25th) and Notre Dame are two others I had written off who have made great comebacks.

Norcalnick:  Ugh.  Georgia Tech, Notre Dame and Cincinnati are in the bottom of the poll for lack of better options.  Virginia, West Virginia and Florida State are on deck, but none are appealing.